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Nicolaus from Florida



from Florida

Meet Nicolaus, 16, smart and funny, strong in his beliefs and thriving at school. Nicolaus dreams of restoring automobiles, and learning to become "the best auto mechanic there is" by combining his intelligence and love of cars. Nicolaus is great at fixing things and loves the challenge. He can name the make, model and year of any car he sees - and he notices every car. Nicolaus excels at all his academic subjects in school, and particularly loves science and history. He enjoys making his friends laugh, cracking jokes and clowning around. Nicolaus is full of surprises, and is learning to be more comfortable in new social situations. An avid reader, Nicolaus references the Harry Potter series when he wishes his superpower could be "teleporting through life." Following his interest in history, Nicolaus would teleport around the world, particularly visiting Ukraine and Russia. He loves sleeping and playing video games. Nicolaus is thoughtful and clear-sighted, and hopes to get his first job in 2021. Nicolaus prefers to remain at his current school where he is thriving, and hopes to find a patient, understanding family who can appreciate his strengths and humor.
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