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OMARION from Florida



from Florida

Omarion is a friendly and a polite boy who can be charming, and fun to be around. Omarion has a healthy appetite and is active. He enjoys participating in games and plays with peers. He bonds to others and is close to the caregiver. Omarion looks forward to having his own forever family and has expressed is interested in being adopted. Caregivers share that for the most part, Omarion is a quiet person, but can be loud at times. His caregiver's feel that he is doing well and that his behaviors are controllable and he can be redirected easily. Despite making great strides at home, the school setting can be a challenge for Omarion and he will need to continue specialized education classes in school. Omarion's favorite subjects are math and spelling. With the support of his educational team and forever family, it is likely that he can reach his full potential both academically and emotionally. Omarion would benefit from a family who can provide unconditional love, exude patience, set clear boundaries and provide supervision and guidance to this active child. We are seeking a family that has 2 caregivers, with preference for families where Omarion will be the youngest or only child.