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ROBERT from Florida



from Florida

Robert is a soft spoken and often shy teen. He likes to play video games. Robert would thrive with a family who is active, attentive, and who can be patient will be important for Robert. Parents who are able to put their own needs for affection aside are best as Robert will need time to show his affection and trust. Flexibility is key for Robert as he needs a family that can go with the flow and set aside any preconceived expectations. Robert does well with a firm routine and rules. Robert needs to have clear expectations with consistent consequences. It is imported that the family understand that it will take a while for him to believe that he is truly welcome and is staying in the family as a permanent member. It is also important the family does not take any signs of possible rejection personally and hangs in there through thick and thin. Robert needs a family who does not have any female children in the home. Robert is looking forward to his future and a family who will love and accept him unconditionally. Robert is a special young man ready to find his wonderful forever home!
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