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SAGE from Florida



from Florida

Sage and Christopher are a close sibling group who desire to be adopted. Sage is the eldest of the sibling group. She has a likable personality and is very friendly, playful, and humorous as she enjoys laughing. Sage enjoys music, stuffed animals, church, and socializing with her friends. Sage will need a family who can devote lots of time to assisting her in her daily living skills and able to advocate for her to receive on-going services, which may allow for her to live independently with supports as she reaches the age of majority. Christopher is a friendly, well-mannered, and polite child who enjoys helping others. He is an excellent academic student whose favorite subject is math. Christopher enjoys outdoor sports and activities such as football, basketball, and kickball. Christopher has a hearty appetite and enjoys cooking as he desires to be chef when he grows up. Sage and Christopher desire to be a part of a family unit who are active and enjoy traveling.