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Spirit from Florida



from Florida

Joshua is a bi-racial male. Joshua is described as a very shy and mild manner child. Joshua has brown eyes and he is brown in complexion and is tall . Joshua loves to play basketball as he is on the basketball team at his school. He is very energetic and loves to read. Joshua loves to cook his favorite food which is ground beef with pasta and he likes to bake it. Joshua is longing for a family that will provide a caring and loving home for him and his brother. He hopes for a family that understands that he has ties to his biological family and will accept that with open arms. Spirit is a pre-teen bi-racial male. Spirit is very outgoing and loves to play basketball. Spirit is very active and loves to eat MacDonald's. He is very respectful and loves to help out. His favorite things to do is drawing and arts and craft. Spirit stated that he would like to be a basketball player or a sports agent when he grows up.