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Tristan from Florida



from Florida

Meet this beautiful sibling group of four! Lucas, Arianna, Aurora and Tristan are ready and waiting for a family where they can be together. These siblings are very attached to each other. Lucas is 10 years old with brown hair and big brown eyes. Lucas loves to play with Legos and will spend hours building things. Lucas has a special love of Pokémon and loves to watch the cartoon and play. Lucas is very smart and is in Gifted classes at school. He also enjoys games on his tablet. Lucas is looking for parents that will allow him to enjoy his siblings as brother and sisters and spend less time feeling responsible for them. Arianna is a nine-year-old girl with long brown hair and big brown eyes like her brother. Arianna loves to help and be helpful. She is artistic and loves to do crafts and make things. She does well in school and is social. Arianna has a very big imagination! Aurora is a four-year-old with blonde hair and brown eyes. She loves getting into things and likes to do things on her own. She is nurturing and protective of those around her. Tristan is a three-year-old with brown hair and eyes. He is described as a very sweet and handsome child. He's active and loves to play ball. He is not a picky eater and broccoli and rice are his favorite foods. These kids are looking for an active family that can engage with each of them and give them the attention they very much all want and need. They are looking for a family that will help them stay in touch with other siblings that are not being adopted with them.