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Verica from Florida



from Florida

One of the very first things you'll notice about lovely Verica is her warm smile. She has been described by those close to her as friendly, caring, talkative and funny with a mature sense of humor well beyond her years. In her spare time, Verica enjoys shopping, eating out and listening to music. Verica has progressed in many areas of her life within the past year and she will continue to blossom with the right support system. As with lots of teens, school can be a bit of a challenge for her although she really enjoys math. However, Verica puts forth a lot of effort and has shown great improvement. Very much wanting her own forever family, Verica spends a lot of time trying to understand her feelings about her former life experiences which resulted in her placement in care. There is no telling how high Verica will fly with the proper amount of love, consistency, and stability. Might yours be the family that can offer that to her? Verica is looking for a family that will offer her structure and support - she is open to a two parent or single parent family. Verica will need a family who is open to her maintaining relationships with extended family members.