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WILLIAM from Florida



from Florida

When asked about William, the words used to describe him is always "so sweet". He is a loving, honest child who is comforted by a genuine hug. He enjoys bike riding, dancing and drawing. He didn't grow up going to church but looks forward to going to church now. He is an animal lover, especially dogs. He'd love to have pets again. He has an "old soul" with a love for old-fashioned games like checkers and older music like Stevie Nicks, jazz and rock and roll. He does still enjoy the things that typical teenagers like though; video games and eating sweets. He likes Florida but misses the cold winters of the North. He'd like to learn a sport and especially has an interest in learning karate. He enjoys Kung Fu movies. When William grows up, he wants to be a policeman and most importantly, a dad. Mostly, he wants to be loved, accepted and safe. He likes to go on fun outings and would enjoy an active family. William enjoys making friends and treasures friendship and companionship. He needs a parent who will be a role model in social norms so that he can learn to make friends more easily. He needs a patient parent who will set clear expectations and provide consistent encouragement and positive attention. William learns best in a one-on-one learning environment. He attends a school that is designed to better meet his emotional and learning needs than a general public school. He would benefit most from continuing to attend a specialized school that can meet his needs. Above all, he is a very sensitive and emotional young boy who is in need of someone who will unconditionally love and accept him for who he is. Furthermore, William needs a stable environment where he can feel secure, supported and accepted by his forever family.