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Mariah from Georgia



from Georgia

Nat’Shawn, Ja’Corius, Elijah and Mariah are happy, active and sociable African American children who get along well with other kids and enjoy listening to kids’ music and watching kids’ movies and TV shows. Nat’Shawn “Nate”, born 2/11, is a very loving, caring and affectionate child who is protective of his siblings and loves his teacher! He enjoys getting hugs, riding his scooter, putting puzzles together, coloring, and playing with toys in the sand. Ja’Corius “Cori”, born 11/12, is a creative boy who enjoys coloring, playing with musical toys, playing board games, being outside, riding his scooter, and playing ball. Elijah “Toot”, born 1/14, is a very curious and loving little boy who enjoys playing outside with his wagon and trucks, playing with his blocks, and watching fingerplays at preschool. Mariah “Pearl”, born 12/14, is a fun and lovable little girl who enjoys being read to, playing with blocks, and spending time with her teacher, whom she loves. Nate, Cori, Toot and Pearl need a loving adoptive family who will provide them with the attention, encouragement, consistency, and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive. Their family will also need to support their desire to maintain their relationships with their foster parents.