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Adrian from Idaho



from Idaho

Adrian is lovable and endearing are the first impressions you will have about Adrian after spending just a short amount of time with this sweet, funny boy. Watching Adrian’s joyful excitement over even the smallest things in life and simply being in the presence of his contagious smiles and laughter will brighten anyone’s day! Adrian has a cognitive disability that requires his caregivers to assist him in meeting most of his daily needs. He loves the outdoors and going on long walks around the neighborhood and is a curious boy who loves to figure out how everything around him works. Some of Adrian’s favorite things include watching Disney movies; playing in the water; and playing with Legos, trains and cars. Adrian is primarily non-verbal but is making great progress with his speech as well as with learning to communicate through sign language. Even though he cannot always easily communicate his needs, Adrian continues to tackle life with a great disposition, wonder and enthusiasm! Adrian thrives in settings that are calm, structured and predictable to him and he needs help from his caregivers to stay safe within his environment. He puts trust in his caregivers and loves to reward them for their commitment to him with unending smiles, hugs and soft face touches. Adrian’s Permanency Team is searching for either a single or two-parent adoptive family that possess the time and energy to be dedicated and devoted to caring for and loving Adrian unconditionally and to supporting opportunities for him to continue to grow, thrive and build new skills toward becoming all he is capable of being. Adrian's team would ideally love to find an adoptive family for Adrian in the Ada or Canyon County areas of Southern Idaho in order for him maintain connections with several important people in his life, however they are open to inquiries outside of the area as well in an effort to find the perfect fit for Adrian. If you believe that you have what Adrian needs and deserves in his Forever Family, please inquire today to learn more about this one of a kind boy!