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Jorge from Idaho



from Idaho

Jorge is an amazing teen with a really great sense of humor who wants people to know that he is nice, understanding and likes to help others. He loves everything sports related including football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Jorge is especially looking forward to having a family who will come to all of his games and cheer him on and hopes to one day get to have a special father/son trip to see a Kansas City Chiefs game. Jorge has a quieter side as well and enjoys spending time drawing anime or Fortnite characters; spending time playing his favorite Ratchet and Clank video game and making cool things out of Origami. He loves Sushi, egg rolls and ice cream and will rarely turn down a cookie, unless it is a double chocolate chip one because he thinks that’s just too much chocolate! Jorge longs for a family who will always protect him, one who is active and loves to travel. This adventurous boy is looking forward to outings with his new family visiting fairs, amusement parks and hopefully a family trip to the Oregon coast so that he can walk on the beach and find the perfect sand dollar! Jorge tells us that he does pretty well in school and that his favorite subject is Math. He has a goal of one day becoming an artist as well as a video game designer. The perfect family fit for this deserving young man will include a really hands-on Dad who has interest in things like fishing, sports, and building stuff or working on cars together. Jorge has experienced a tremendous amount of loss in his young life and will thrive in a home with parents who have TBRI training or a deep understanding of grief and loss and how it impacts children. A structured, yet fun and forgiving home environment will really allow Jorge to feel safe and reach his full potential. Jorge’s Permanency Team is open to hearing from Idaho families, as well as out of state families, who feel that they may be a great match for him and is ideally looking for a family where he can be the youngest or only child in the home. Jorge is so excited to find a place to call home and a family who will treasure him for all that he has to offer. If you feel that your family has what we are looking for, please reach out and inquire about Jorge today! For more information on the Idaho Wednesday's Child Program, please visit or contact Shawn White, or cell 208-488-8989 if you have specific questions.
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