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Joslynn from Idaho



from Idaho

Joslynn is a beautiful old soul who prides herself on being positive and open-minded about everything in life, especially when it comes to trying new things. Her resiliency, great sense of humor and contagious laugh have a way of making you feel like you’ve known her forever! This brave young woman lives her life by the motto that she “will not let her past define who she is today.” Joslynn finds happiness in activities like hiking, camping, fishing, four-wheeling and horseback riding. She loves Queen, Dr. Hook and Nickelback music and can often be found singing to them in the shower or dancing in her room. Though a very smart girl, she doesn’t really “love” school, but understands that it must be tackled and conquered so that she can get to where she ultimately wants to be in life. Some of her other interests include playing volleyball, working out, watching her favorite tv shows like The Walking Dead or The Good Doctor and reading books that have to do with vampires or love stories. Joslynn considers herself good in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to baking chocolate chip cookies or making her home-made Zuppa Toscana soup. Joslynn’s single greatest joy in life though has to be animals! She can spend hours playing with them and loves them all, however her true passion lies in working with dogs. Joslynn definitely sees her future career path as something dog-oriented, and is considering becoming a vet, a dog breeder or training dogs to work as police K-9’s. Joslynn is a wonderful example of how important it is to help people understand that even older teens desperately crave a place to call home forever. She wants guidance and a family that sticks together and helps each other out, even when things are rough. This amazing girl is so looking forward to spending time doing things that each member of her new family loves to do and to days filled with laughter, fun and working together as a team. Joslynn is truly unique and the family that is chosen to be able to call her their own will surely look back on their life before she was in it and know that she was their missing puzzle piece all along! If you’re thinking you’d like to know more about this incredible teen, please reach out to us and inquire about Joslynn today!