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Alma from Kansas



from Kansas

A resilient energetic teenager, Alma has a variety of interests that keep her busy. She enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, reading, drawing, attending church/youth group, and hanging out with her friends. Although she has multiple interests, horses seem to be among her favorites. Alma’s smile shines brightly when she gets to work with horses, whether it’s horseback riding or helping care for them. She would love to make a career out of her passion for horses, such as boarding horses, being a riding instructor, horse trainer, or equine therapy leader. Alma also finds joy in attending summer camp where she’s received the Cowgirl Award and Happy Camper Award. She’s also proud of her Bible Scholar Award she received at church. Alma would love a family that is active. She needs a family that is patient, structured, and loving. Alma deserves a family that will be there for her no matter what!