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Hope from Kansas



from Kansas

Creative, artistic and multi-talented, Hope is a child with a lot going for her. Hope has a fun and energetic personality and she gets along well with others. She enjoys being active, spending time outdoors, and experiencing new activities. She enjoys athletics, and her favorite sport is soccer. In school, she greatly enjoys Science class. Hope loves doing experiments and solving problems. When she grows up, Hope aspires to become a paleontologist. Hope gets along well with her peers and she enjoys spending time with friends. She also gets along well with adults and she is not afraid to pitch in and help out. She likes to cook and participate in hands-on activities. Hope will benefit from a family that is patient, active, loving and structured. Hope will also benefit from a family who can give her attention and provide guidance to help her meet her educational goals. Hope is looking forward to spending lots of quality time with a committed and loving family that she can call her own.