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Bianca from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Bianca has a personality that makes the adults in her life want to love and protect her from all harm. Bianca is very shy and takes a while to engage with new people. Her foster parents maintain that Bianca is a good and very respectful pre-teen. She eagerly follows classroom rules, and offers her help around the home when she sees a need. Bianca enjoys listening to music and visiting the park and the zoo. She is an animal lover, and has no favorite pet, as she enjoys watching them interact in their own environment. Bianca loves animals so much that she aspires to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Though Math is not her favorite subject, Bianca manages to do well in school academically. Because of her shyness, Bianca does not participate in any extra-curricular activities at school. However, given the encouragement to explore the activities that best fit her personality, others believe Bianca would give something new a chance. If your family is interested in helping this little flower to blossom, please inquire for more information today.