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Charles from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Charles is an intelligent active teenager who would love to be part of a family unit. He particularly enjoys family “get togethers,” and other everyday activities that include the whole family. Like most youth his age, Charles enjoys video games, but definitely not more that outdoor activities. He likes bowling, going to the movies, and exploring “the country area of Louisiana” where open fields and farm animals can be observed at close range. Other favorite activities Charles enjoys are hunting, fishing, and riding his bike on a sunny day. He loves the game of baseball, and would like to play on a baseball team someday soon.

Charles is most successful when he has center stage and the undivided attention of the adults in his life, especially his parents. He does well in school academically, but sometimes finds it hard to sit still after he is done with his school work because he’d rather be outdoors. Charles is excited about the possibility of having his very own family, but wants his potential parents to know that he needs them to be active, supportive, and committed to the very end. He especially requested an active dad who will engage him in all kinds of outdoor activities. Despite his independent nature, Charles would love a family that will patiently help him to navigate successfully through his life’s journey. For more information on Charles, inquire today.