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Fabian from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Meet 14 year old Jordan! Like most boys his age, Jordan loves playing video games. However, Jordan is not content being playing games alone, as he is quite the social butterfly. Jordan loves school because it is the place where he can gather with his buddies and talk about TV shows and video games. According to Jordan’s teachers, he is focused in school when it comes to completing school work and homework assignments, as reflected in his grades. Jordan performs above average in most of his subjects, but can sometimes need redirecting when it comes to maintaining his academic success.

Though Jordan enjoys being outdoors, and has the energy to potentially be a good sportsman, however, he does not name any sport as one of his favorite things to do in his spare time.

11 year old Fabian prefers sitting on a couch or chair anywhere if in front of him is some kind of video game device for him to play with. Despite having the ability to socialize with peers, Fabian chooses to spend all of his free time engaged in playing video games or learning new techniques on any electronic device. In fact, the only thing Fabian likes doing more is eating pizza and being treated to a pizza serving restaurant!

Fabian is a very intelligent young man, as he excels in every subject including Math and Science. He is still trying to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up, but thinks it might have something to do with designing (you guessed it) video games!

Fabian is known to have had some social skill issues when it comes to his siblings and peers, but with a family willing to spend time teaching and modeling appropriate social interaction, it is believed that this handsome young man can turn things around.