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HT from Louisiana



from Louisiana

“Ain’t No Stoppin’” this handsome thirteen year old Africa American male. HT is outgoing and loves to have fun despite his medical challenges. He is a happy child that loves school, watching cartoons, and playing outside. HT enjoys being on the go and enjoys the out doors.

HT does not allow his medical needs and restrictions keep him from having a good time. He enjoys school and is a good student that tends to be one of the “teacher’s favorites” in any classroom setting. He has two brothers with whom he would like to maintain connected. HT is open to the idea of having a family to call his own, and made it known that it didn’t matter if his new family consisted of one or two parents. HT would add excitement to any family committed to working with him to reach his full potential.

Despite HT’s daily challenges, he finds satisfaction in being able to accomplish tasks independently, as he always puts his best foot forward. If your family has the love, patience, and sense of adventure that HT takes pleasure in, do not hesitate to inquire about him today.