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Joseph from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Joseph is a beautiful 9 year old child that requires special attention from a very special family. Despite daily health challenges, Joseph has a personality that is sure to warm your heart. He enjoys hugs, attention and lots of affection. Joseph loves being introduced to new stimuli and learning how to respond to it. He is very curious, as he is the kind of child that focuses on new things intensely until he figures them out.

Joseph is making progress developmentally and physically. His fine motor skills have improved over time, as he grows and strives to perfect daily tasks. Joseph loves listening to music and gets very excited at the sound of any kind of music. Cartoons that include music and movement Joseph understands also captures this sweet child's attention. Joseph's family will need to be resourceful, patient, committed and full of unconditional love to share with Joseph. For additional information and a chance to be considered an adoptive family for Joseph, please inquire today.