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Rogers from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Need companionship? Meet Rogers! Rogers is a preteen that has lots of personality and is very engaging. Rogers loves exploring and learning new things and questions just about anything you could think of. Rogers thirst for knowledge would bring adventure to any family that enjoys seeing the growth that comes from a young mind.

Rogers loves school and currently requires an individual educational plan to accommodate his learning needs. He is currently participating in the Talented Art Program at his school and excelling. He has a very vivid imagination which enhances his artistic ability.

Rogers has no problem meeting new people and making new friends, as he is very engaging. At times, Rogers is very talkative which sometimes gets him in trouble at school with teachers when trying to gain the full attention of his classmates. Despite this social butterflies need to talk, he has never been suspended from school. Like most boys his age, Rogers enjoys being treated to a good board game or fast food restaurant when he has accomplished a required task. Rogers is a very loving child who is always concerned about his younger siblings. Because of his love and concern for his younger siblings, he would benefit from continual contact with them.