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Tynia from Louisiana



from Louisiana

Tynia is a “Diva” that loves fashion! She is always ready to “strike a pose” whenever there is a camera around. There is never a dull moment within the presence of this active beauty. Tynia goes all out when it comes to making sure she is up on the latest teen fashion. She reads fashion magazines, studies changing styles, and always gives her friends advice on how to update their looks. The adults in Tynia’s life maintain that she is very friendly and affectionate. There’s not much anyone can do to keep Tynia from sharing her lovely smile, as she looks for the “bright side” in every situation. Tynia loves going out to the movies, restaurants, and of course, shopping at the mall. Tynia loves looking around to find little trinkets she can afford to buy for herself and the people she loves. Tynia sometimes struggles with staying on task and following directions. Tynia has lots of potential, and deserves a family that doesn't’t mind spending time with her and giving her their undivided attention and affection. If your family is looking to add a little more light, and a little more fun to your lives, inquire about Tynia today.
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