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Lucas from Maine



from Maine

Justin, age 10, and Lucas, age 9 currently reside together in a foster home. It is the Department’s hope that both boys can be placed together in an adoptive home involving patient and skilled parents. Justin enjoys playing with Legos and he builds amazing Lego structures. He has a lot of perseverance. He responds best to a structured home and school environment. Justin is becoming more and more affectionate with his foster parents, craves parental attention, and enjoys being tucked in to bed at night. He is a good eater, sleeps through the night, and enjoys animals. Justin responds best to a firm but loving caregiver. Lucas, age nine, presents with a very sweet disposition, is caring, wants to help, and is well liked by peers and the school staff that work with him. He loves sports, excels in tasks he is relentlessly trying to complete, and is motivated to do well. Lucas is bright and learns quickly. He is a good eater and presents as compliant and demonstrates the ability to be redirected by his caregivers.