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Lucas from Maine



from Maine

Justin and Lucas are biological siblings who have spent most of their life together. They are very loving and bonded to each other and it is important that they remain together. Justin is a young man born in 2006. He is sweet, affectionate, respectful and thoughtful. He enjoys playing with Legos, puzzles and reading books. He likes engaging in conversation especially when talking about his favorite subjects such as “the Titanic movie and ocean animals”. His favorite activity of all is swimming and he is currently participating in a swim program. Justin has a lot of perseverance. He responds best to a well-structured home and school environment. He is bonded to the caregivers in his life, craves parental attention and enjoys a regular nighttime routine. He is a good eater and sleeps through the night. Justin would do best in a family that has patience, with the ability to provide structure and support to him as he learns new skills. Lucas is a young man born in 2008. He has a very sweet disposition, is caring, aspires to help others and is well liked by his peers and adults around him. He enjoys spending time outside, riding his bike, playing sports, like soccer and basketball and is motivated to do well. Lucas is bright and learns quickly. He loves Legos and builds amazing Lego structures. He is known to excel in his preferred tasks. He enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. At times he has difficulty with peer relations but demonstrates the ability to be redirected by his caregivers. Lucas responds well in structured environments and would do best in a family that has patience, understanding and the ability to support him as he learns new skills.
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