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Abbie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Abbie has a great sense of humor, and always finds a way to make you laugh ? sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident! She loves to be goofy and especially loves silly board games: the wackier and weirder the better! She's easy to hold a conversation with and can be quite talkative! She's also very affectionate and makes sure the people she cares about know it. Abbie enjoys being creative and can spend hours crocheting. Actually, she likes any kind of arts and crafts activity and though finishing a project isn't her specialty, she loves to try something new! Her favorite things to do in the summer are to ride her bike named ?Linda? and swim. She listens to every kind of music and may surprise you with what she knows the words to! She mostly listens to pop, rock and Christian music. Though she likes watching TV and hanging out, she also likes to be busy. She has played baseball, soccer and participated in a bowling league! She also likes to be out and about, going to dinner, carnivals, or even just to Walmart. Abbie is currently in a specialized classroom where she does school work part time and explores potential careers and visits job sites part time. This is considered a life skills program. Abbie is eligible to stay in school until she is 21. She enjoys going to school and her reports are stellar! Abbie may do best with a single mother or a two-parent family. She needs a family who can provide her with structure and consistent supervision and is willing to provide ongoing support throughout her life. Maintaining some connection with her birth father in Maryland is also important to her. She would also like to stay in touch with her current foster mother. Those who know her well feel she would do best in a home with a small number, or even no siblings. Abbie is not yet legally available for adoption, but once a family is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. If you think you might be the family for her, or want to learn more about her, please have your family worker contact her recruiter, Katie Juliana, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.0800.585.SWAN.