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Ace from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

This amazing duo is determined to have a great life! With their incredible smiles and loving personalities, these boys bring a lot of joy to others. Ace is protective of his younger brother, Rex, who he loves very much. He also is bi-lingual, speaking English and Spanish! He is cautious when meeting new people and needs to get to know you before he will let you into his world. He loves watching YouTube videos, playing video games, and can be found having a great time doing so. Rex is a sweet boy and warms up to people easily. His superpowers are his smile, hugs, and determination. His foster mom describes him as a loving and caring child who spontaneously will provide hugs. Like his older brother, Rex is bi-lingual too! Rex can out talk, out play, and outsmart anyone and he is working hard on developing self-care skills. Whether you are meeting these boys for the first time or you have known them for a lifetime, these brothers will delight you with their magical personalities. They also have other older siblings and due to wanting to maintain sibling relationship, a family would need to be able to accommodate contact with their siblings who live in Pennsylvania. Ace and Rex would like for there to be other kids in the home and for the parents to have strong family connections and community support. Ace and Rex are not yet legally free for adoption. For more information about this amazing duo, contact the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.