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Alan from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

?Welcome everyone to the first ever book reading and signing of young author Alan's newest fantasy novel. Without further ado, please welcome Alan.? Hello and welcome, my name is Alan and today I am here to share my story with you. I consider myself a sarcastic, curious about life, and intelligent young man. When I'm not brainstorming the plot to my next novel, I'm usually having a conversation about the complexities of human kind. I cannot say I'm a big sports fan, but I do enjoy watching a sporting event every now and then. I'm also pretty good at old fashioned debates, you know, the ones that don't really have a perfect ending, but are fun to participate in. Now let's get started with Chapter 4. [Applause] Hope you are enjoying the book, but allow me to tell you a little about my inspiration and situation. I'm looking for my forever family, preferably a mom and a dad, although I would be open to a single parent. I am hoping my future parents will be able to show me lots of support, patience, and unconditional love. Although I do really well educationally, I sometimes need someone who can help me understand different social cues. I grew up with several siblings, so I would like to be around other children in a future home; however, it would be best if they were close to my age or no more than 2 years younger than me. It would even be nice to have a family pet, but that is not a necessity. Now, where were we, oh, chapter 5. [Applause] And with that we are finished and right after I'll be signing books in the back, but first a few last minute things about myself. When I graduate from high school I do aspire to attend college either on the West Coast or possibly at Yale, whichever comes first, and would really like to have a support team behind me to help me achieve this goal. I try every day to ensure I am working hard to be successful and with the right network, I can confidently say that is going to happen. Well if anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them now, and if not, I will see you at the back. Thank you! [Applause] Parental rights have not been terminated for Alan. For more information a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Belle Miller, via telephone or email
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