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Albert from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

If you want to get to know me, the first thing I have to ask is if you know who ?Shazam? is? Because I'm a lot like him! You can call me Albert, and like Shazam, I'm strong, fast, and have superpowers. However, I'm my own superhero. I love playing outside, especially if I'm riding my bike or going fishing. I absolutely love the taste of tomatoes and the smell of strawberries, which is made even more special, because my favorite color is red. Friday is the best day of the week, no question, and Gorillas are my favorite animal because they are big and strong, just like Shazam and I! Even though I like a whole lot of things, I really don't like it when people are mean or bossy, or say something that I don't like. Sometimes I get shy meeting new people, and I speak quietly. I'm a small guy, but I have a big heart! Nothing would make me happier than finding my forever family. I'd be okay being the only kid, but having siblings would be cool too! I really want a mom and a dad, and I love animals, so pets are a plus! I want a fun family who would make me feel loved and protected! Albert is not legally free for adoption. For more information on Albert, please contact Shantell Bryant at
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