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Antonio from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Antonio is always on the move and energetic. His strength is that he puts his mind to his goals and then achieves them. He takes care of his body and builds up his physical strength as well. Antonio describes himself as athletic and silly. He does not like to sit around but would rather be active and engaged in physical activity. He loves playing sports, especially football. Antonio is passionate about outdoor activities such as going fishing and camping. His other interests are building things, learning carpentry and woodwork, and painting houses. He is creative and enjoys sketching military pictures. He would like to be a Marine in the future. Antonio has preferences regarding what type of family he sees himself living with in the future. He is interested in a two-parent household with a strong male figure in the home whom he could model after. He would also prefer that there be no other children in the home but does love pets, especially dogs. Antonio would like his family to listen to him in order to see what he has to say. He would look to his family for support and help when he needs this. Additionally, Antonio would like to live with a family that spends time together so that he is not alone too much as he wants to be around people. He likes a setting with open space that has access to nature and is quiet. He would love to live in a rural area so that he can engage in the outdoor activities that he enjoys or at least live in a quieter suburban area which has access to the country. Antonio is open to adoption but would like to maintain contact with his birth family as well. Antonio is not yet legally free for adoption. To learn more about Antonio, please call 1.800.585.SWAN.
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