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Azion from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Azion is an adorable child, who is full of smiles and is very resilient. He has come a long way in his short life and his smile can light up a room. He could be a perfect addition to a special family. He enjoys spending time in his bouncy chair and is currently working on how to roll over. Azion has persevered through each obstacle put in his path. Azion is able to follow objects with his eyes and will often smile when he sees people that he recognizes. Azion is in need of a loving family who will aid him in transitioning to living in a home with care and nourishment. An ideal family for Azion will be able to support him in learning to manage any difficulties he may have, is willing to learn about his needs and will aid him in continuing on his current path of improvement, so that he can grow and thrive in a positive manner. Azion has visits twice a month with his siblings and any family interested in providing permanency for Azion needs to be willing to accommodate these visits which are occurring in southeastern Pennsylvania. Azion is legally free for adoption. For more information about Azion, please contact his recruiter, AJ Cordi, at