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Bianca from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Bianca is a brilliant young lady with big aspirations and determination! With a self-proclaimed ?goofy? and ?talkative? personality, it is effortless to chat with Bianca and lose track of time! She is a teen who is confident in herself and her abilities and works hard to achieve her goals. Bianca has a variety of interests which include, cheering, swimming, field hockey, basketball, and volleyball. But Bianca is not only interested in sports, as she has an artsy side to her as well. Bianca enjoys participating in her school's chorus and also loves playing the guitar! In addition to those interests, Bianca is also a lover of the great outdoors. She would love a family who would take her hiking and kayaking! Bianca states that she ?thrives on positivity? and tries her best to stay ?drama free.? She would love a family who will support her dreams of becoming the first person in her birth family to attend college. Bianca recently had the opportunity to participate in a program that gave Bianca a firsthand experience of life on a college campus, which cemented her decision to pursue a collegiate track. After the program Bianca stated, ?I want to be somebody in life, so I can show that I'm able to do things I put my mind to.? Bianca is interested in pursuing a career in nursing or carpentry, and is motivated to do well in high school in order to achieve this goal. However, Bianca would love the support of a family to steer her in the right direction. Bianca is open to considering all family types who are supportive of her and allow her age appropriate freedoms. She wants a family who will be involved in her life and interests, but will also understand that her friends and birth family also play important roles. A family who will allow Bianca to maintain contact with her siblings is highly desired. Bianca is legally free for adoption. For more information, please contact the SWAN Helpline by calling 1-800-585-7926 or have your family worker contact Helene Kosciolek via telephone or email