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Brianna from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Brianna is a sweet and outdoorsy girl. She sees herself to be a tom girl, but at times does like dressing up and wearing makeup. If you love to go camping, walking in the woods to enjoy nature, or even going off-roading, then Brianna is the girl for you. She loves to be outdoors whenever she has the chance and hopes her future family does too. Brianna loves to sit by the fire and enjoy the night sky filled with stars. She is an avid seafood lover as well as spicy food. Brianna would like a family where they can give her the freedom she deserves after trust is built. She wants someone to be honest with her and tell her when she messes up. Brianna wants to be able to have friends who are able to come over and have sleepovers. She wants a family who likes to socialize and is active. She is open to living in the city but prefers the country. Brianna is open to any race, religion, or sexual identity. She is open in going to church, but does not want to feel forced into going. Brianna would like to have a sibling just not her age. Brianna also loves animals, so the more the better. Brianna is not yet legally free for adoption; however, once a family is identified, the county will enact final steps towards termination of parental rights.