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Bryce from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hi...I want you to know that even though I am nearly 16, I don't feel I will be ready to be on my own in two years. Life has been pretty challenging, and I would like to meet a family who would like to help me grow up the rest of the way! Belonging is important to me and is a big goal in my life. I have some other goals too, working with my hands to earn my living. To accomplish this, I'd like my last two years in high school to include a Vocational Technical program. Fixing, building and, maintaining sound like a good way of life to me. So, I am hoping for a family who will actively help me hold onto this dream and bring it to reality because I do want to create a successful future for myself. Town or City living really appeals to me as Country life is way too quiet. The most important qualities my forever family should possess are kindness and understanding. Though most teens aren't happy about following rules, I can accept them when I know what they are and will be ahead of time, so honesty and ?upfrontness? are very important to me. My hope is that my forever family will not sweat the small stuff, be cool if the things I might believe are different from what they believe. My hope is that my forever family will just allow me to be myself within the general rules of the family. Oh, and really importantly, I want to get my Driver's License!!! I am cool with having a single mom or a mom and a dad. Other kids are ok too. One thing to know about me is that ?I like to make people happy!? Maybe we could make each other happy? Check me out. Thanks!! Bryce is not yet legally free for adoption.
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