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Chris from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Psst. Do you want to hear a story? Come closer. Hi! This is your friendly neighborhood salamander here, and I will be your narrator today. This story tells of my journey to find a forever family. Wait, did I say my journey? I meant Chris's journey. Chris is not your typical young man who spends more time on electronics than outside. In fact, he is outside more than I can count (and I only have four toes). He is often found hanging out in the backyard, hiking through woodsy trails, or playing soccer. Now, that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy electronics, it just means he earns his time spent on them. Look, over there! Can you see an image forming? It's Chris's dream family. He would like a family with two parents with a good amount of experience around children. This family would provide Chris with a lot of structure and stability in the home. He would benefit tremendously from a routine based home life. The routine will help him develop trust with those around him and help him adjust to the change. Chris responds well to positive reinforcement, such as earning stickers to get a prize. The reinforcement will help him learn acceptable behaviors and allow him to mature as an individual. Chris is still learning about himself. Therefore, a family who has patience and is willing to guide him into becoming the person he wants to be would be a huge plus. Although it's not a deal breaker, having a pet in the home would be great, so he can learn responsibility. Maybe he could have something fluffy or even a salamander (cough, cough, just saying). Chris also wants to remain in contact with his siblings through visits, letters, and phone calls. He too, would like to have his own room. Overall, Chris deserves a family who will give him the time and environment to allow him to grow into the person he is meant to be. Just a quick secret, that friendly neighborhood salamander is really Chris, so I guess it's actually my story. Until next time, have fun out there. Chris is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information please have your family worker contact Mary Wood at (610) 478-8266 Ext. 414 or