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Dante from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Konnichiwa! For those who don't know what that means, its hello, in Japanese. I chose Japanese because my favorite form of literature was created there. If you haven't guessed it, it's Anime, specifically, Manga. My motto is ?Manga is literature,? and I won't let anyone tell me differently. I particularly enjoy the Manga story of Naruto, a teenager just trying to be accepted by his peers as a leader, something I strongly relate to. I am also a big fan of Dragon Ball Super, but I better stop myself here, or I will go on all day, and that is not what you came for. I would describe myself as ?silly, lovable, and adorable.? I am an outgoing and talkative teenage boy. I enjoy reading and playing basketball. I especially love a good old fashioned game of UNO. I often dream of having a family who provides me with lots of support. I need a family who wants to take an active role in my life, whether that is in school or at home. I want a family who can provide me with structure while still giving me some teenage freedom. I need a family with patience, as it will take me some time to trust you, and get to know you. I wouldn't mind having siblings, preferably older sisters, but a brother would be okay, and I am okay with parents of either gender, and any ethnicity. I imagine myself living in a house with a room of my own, and possibly a bathroom just for me. I also imagine having access to as many video games and books my heart can handle. I would prefer to stay in the area I am now; however, I don't mind the hustle and bustle of the city, but also wouldn't have a problem living in the suburbs, as long as I am still able to visit my friends. I would love to get a dog, and have even picked out his name, and yes, it's a male dog, and obviously, his name would be Boris. If you already have a dog or cat, that's fine too, I just want a pet to cuddle. Overall, I know I would be happy with a family who is willing to accept me for me, Manga and cosplay (costume role playing) fascination, and everything in between (it would even be a huge plus, if you shared by liking for Japanese culture, but it's not a requirement). All I can say is I believe, ?dreams do come true,? so I might as well dream big. Dante is legally free for adoption.