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David from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet David, a young man with an infectious smile! Those who know David describe him as smart, caring, and kind. He has a great sense of humor and finds joy in making people smile and laugh. You won't find him spending too much time on the couch watching television: he enjoys being active during his free time! He loves to play sports, specifically basketball or football. His favorite basketball team is the Houston Rockets. His favorite football team is the Jets. He hopes his new family will share his love for sports as he would love to attend sporting events and games with them. David is very studious and makes strong efforts in receiving good grades and his favorite subject is math. He plans to attend college after high school. He's very creative and has a strong passion for producing music. He aspires to one day be a music producer/ business owner. Like any other teenager, David enjoys his down time, but he's willing to lend a helping hand in completing household chores. He does best, and recharges, with some alone time and being able to listen to music so while he would prefer his own room, he's okay with sharing as long as he can have some occasional time to himself. This is just one example of David's flexibility and understanding that life doesn't always go according to plan. David enjoys being around animals and does very well with them. David is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information about this wonderful young man, please have your worker reach out to his recruiter, Megan ( or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.