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Deacon from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet this duo, ready to charm! Deacon is a talkative and outgoing older brother who loves to write and to use his imagination to tell vivid stories that tell you about his experiences and interests. He has even said he wants to be a writer when he grows up, and this is a realistic dream! He's very curious and when he finds something that interests him, he learns as much as he can about that subject, and will tell you all that he knows. He really likes chicken nuggets and pop tarts. He has a take-charge approach to activities, and other qualities of a good leader. Younger brother Dexter is an adorable boy with a wonderful smile and a keen sense of humor. He's one smart cookie and he will constantly surprise you with his insight and his confidence! His vocabulary is extraordinary and he loves to play outside and to do any craft or activity you put before him. He's a good eater, a good sleeper, and a good helper around the house. Parental rights have not been terminated for Deacon and Dexter. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Julie Barth, via telephone or email
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