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Derek from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Derek is a calm, quiet young man who enjoys pickup games of basketball and doing crafts, especially origami. Shy at first, he can be quick to warm up to people and has developed positive relationships with the people in his life. Derek enjoys giving personalized gifts, such as drawing or origami creations, to those he cares about. Derek loves reading and has been devouring the award winning graphic novel series, ?Bones.? He's recently taken an interest in science fiction books at the local library. Family is important to Derek and he has some positive supports in the community. He has a mentor as well as a family with whom he speaks and has periodic visits. Derek would like to maintain contact with both parties as he grows. Derek is easy to like and is open to speaking candidly about how he feels and what he would like. He hopes to find a nice family who will be supportive of him and give him the opportunity to explore some of his artistic and athletic interests. Derek is legally free for adoption. For more information about Derek, please contact his recruiter, Karly, at
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