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Erika from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Erika is a vibrant young lady who enjoys engaging with her peers but also values her quiet time. Erika is very social and has many friends. Some things that she enjoys doing include playing board games, playing with her dolls, dancing, and basketball. She is easygoing, but does not hesitate to advocate for her wants and needs. Erika is very resilient and is able to adapt to any situation that she finds herself in. She is the oldest of her two other siblings/sisters in foster care. As a leader, Erika knows how to rally others behind her. She is also very good at playing chess, which speaks to her ability to problem solve and think through conflict. Erika does very well academically and thrives with routines as they help her to maintain structure in her life. She is very strong-willed, independent, and smart. Erika does well with animals and enjoys interacting with them. She identified to her worker in the past that she is Christian. Erika could thrive in an adoptive home where she is the only child, as she craves individual attention. Erika is very connected to her biological sisters and visits with them on a monthly basis in southeastern Pennsylvania. It is very important to her to maintain contact with them after she is placed in a permanent home, therefore a family who can maintain this level of contact is preferred. Erika is legally free for adoption.