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Francisco from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Francisco, who is known as ?Frankie,? is a sweet, smiley, young boy. He has been diagnosed with a genetic condition that was identified when he was very young, however, he is always happy, pleasant, and easy going. His smile lights up a room and his laugh is truly contagious. You can't help but feel the contagiousness of his presence. Frankie is in need of a family who can fully support his needs, and ensure he is provided with services and interventions as needed to thrive and continue to develop into adulthood. Frankie shows his loving, caring, and engaging personality through physical interaction and play. He communicates using his hands and noises that indicate his needs and desires and does not hesitate to share them with his caregivers and visitors. He is currently in a learning program and, according to reports from his teachers, enjoys learning and challenging himself. Frankie continues to be more active as he gets older and he loves playing outside. He loves engaging with peers and is gentle with pets. Frankie is legally free for adoption and would do best in a home where he is given lots of routine and assistance in his day to day functioning. He does well with consistency and responds best to warmth and love.