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Georgie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Wow, you're taking a look at my photo and wondering ?what does this little guy need?? I need a really special family; much like my current foster mother, who has done incredible things for me. In the short time I've lived with her, I have made SO MUCH progress in so many ways. She is very smart and has gotten me many services to help me get to where I am today. I have got a lot farther to go, but everyone is optimistic that I can and will keep on progressing and growing. So I need a special family who can take good care of me and keep all my services intact so that I will go as far as I can. I was born with numerous medical needs and require some significant care. I cannot yet walk on my own; I am wearing leg braces to strengthen my muscles to get me ready to walk. I can only eat pureed foods, but I can feed myself with a spoon. I can say a few words currently, but my vocabulary is growing and eventually I should be able to put together a 3 word phrase. I can understand everything you say to me though. I can move my head to tell you ?yes? and ?no?. I don't see really well and am legally blind, but now I wear glasses which do help! So that was the tough stuff?some of the fun stuff is that I am loving and affectionate and love to be held! I really like when people talk to me and I like just being around people. I love to watch Daniel Tiger on TV, to listen to music, and I can keep pretty good rhythm. My favorite thing to eat is Greek yogurt, any flavor. Ideally, my special family would be willing to maintain my connections with the great team of people working with me in my school and therapy settings in the Lehigh Valley. My foster mother will be the one to transition me to my new family. I am not yet legally free for adoption. So, what do you think? Do you want the challenges and rewards of a Lifetime? Right here I am, waiting for you. Have your worker call my worker, or email her at