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Haliey from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

?Team Edward, of course!? Just like the heroine from Twilight, Haliey has resilience and is a survivor. Her carefree approach to life and easy smile are difficult to resist. Haliey has a genuinely sweet attitude and describes herself as determined and open-minded. She loves meeting new people and hopes to make more friends during her time at her current placement. Although she tends to have a "girly" personality, Haliey enjoys playing basketball and shooting hoops right there alongside her guy friends. She works very hard in school, especially on her computer skills because she knows that any job she might want in the future will most likely require her to be tech-savvy. Haliey mentioned that school can be hard, but she is willing to put in a great effort, and she also has lots of support in doing so. Her favorite hobbies include listening to rap music, playing with pets, and going on walks. Haliey would prefer to live in a rural setting where she can have lots of pets, especially a dog and/or a cat. Haliey really desires to be adopted and to find her forever family, especially one who will love her unconditionally and one who will not give up on her. When thinking about adoption, Haliey believes that having a sister would be fun! She would also do well with a single mother, but this is not required. Haliey's adoptive family should be committed to helping her develop into a strong, capable, self-assured young woman. The family should also be willing to help her navigate the educational, career, and personal choices that she will face as she moves toward adulthood. Haliey hopes that her adoptive family will enjoy spending time together through trips/vacations, playing games, going out to eat, and going to various outings. Parental rights have been terminated for Haliey. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Helene Kosciolek, via telephone or email
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