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Hallie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hello, I'm Hallie. I am a happy teenager and I like to dance to music because the music beats make me laugh and I will bob my head to the music. I love to give high fives and clap hands with people I meet. Hand clapping games such as ?Down, Down Baby? and ?Ms. Mary Mack? are my favorites. I enjoy long, loving hugs that allow me to know you are attentive to my affection. I enjoy short walks and sensory stimulating activities. My stomach does flips when I eat my favorite foods. Those foods are chicken nuggets, French fries, and fish. I am as sweet as my sweet tooth for cakes and cookies. I want to have a parent bring out the beauty in my eyes by doing my hair in updos. I am a girl in need of a family who can provide me with more than a home. I need a loving and supportive family who is willing to accept me for my uniqueness. I come with a team of supporters who help me with day to day activities. Can I say you'll be a part of my team, too? Hallie is legally free for adoption. Hallie's genuine love, personality and vibrant spirit are sure to attract many hearts. For more information about this young lady, please have your worker contact Hallie's recruiter, Christina Donaldson, at
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