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Hannah from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet Hannah and Harrison! Hannah is friendly and outgoing, blossoming when she receives attention from adults. She enjoys being a part of a busy foster family and likes playing with other children. She does well with structure and routine. This type of environment reduces her stress and anxiety, allowing her to be free to play and explore. Hannah attends a pre-school program/daycare where she enjoys playing with her peers and learning new things. Hannah enjoys the attention she receives from her teachers and is learning to be more collaborative with peers. Hannah is a girly-girl who loves to wear dresses, have polish on her nails and wear beads or barrettes in her hair. Hannah is a fun-loving, active little girl who has a close relationship with her brother Harrison. Harrison is a petite boy with big brown eyes, a winning smile, and closely cropped hair. Harrison is generally pleasant and happy in his interactions with others and he attends a daycare program where he interacts with other children his age all day long. He does very well in daycare. Harrison maintains a close relationship with his sister, Hannah, and the siblings live together in the same foster home. Harrison enjoys his foster home and the interaction with the other children in the home. The home provides the structure and routine that has helped him to develop and grow. The foster family is an active family and Harrison loves to participate in activities; he benefits from close monitoring which helps ensure his safety. The siblings are in need of a permanent family and would do well in a home with other children, but they can also be the only children in a home. The children have medical needs which will require monitoring, but both are thriving and growing. They also have current routine visitation with their birth mother in the southeast region of Pennsylvania. Neither Hannah nor Harrison are yet legally free for adoption. To learn more about Hannah and Harrison, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN.