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Harry from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet David, the next soccer star! David is a quiet and reserved boy who enjoys being active and outside. David's favorite thing to do is play soccer, alone or with friends. He recently obtained a new soccer ball and carries it with him everywhere! David also enjoys playing with all his trucks and cars and would love to show off his impressive collection. His favorite one is probably his race car. David enjoys eating Uncrustables and his favorite snack is either Oreos or potato chips. David would do best in a home that thrives on structure and routine, but also has fun and is active! David would like a home where he has his own room and the adults will play soccer with him and take him to the local park. Meet Morgan! This kiddo loves to make new friends and has the perfect smile and bubbly personality to get her there. Morgan's favorite things to do are play with her different sensory toys, such as slime, Play-Doh and stress toys. A perfect day for her would include trips to the park or the store, making some slime and of course picking out the perfect outfit for all the different activities. Whether it's a sporty day or a relaxed one, Morgan has an outfit for that! Morgan needs a home where there is an abundance of structure and affirmation. She enjoys learning new things and doing her homework but needs a buddy to help her along the way. She loves being with people but would probably thrive best in a home where she was either with her siblings or the youngest in the home. Meet Harry, but be careful, he may just steal your heart! Harry is an active little boy with a strong sense of curiosity and adventure. He has a wide smile and an easy laugh. Harry loves to play with different movable toys such as trucks, cars and any sports ball. A perfect day for Harry would be a morning at the park, mac 'n' cheese for lunch and then snuggles and sensory toys all afternoon! Harry is working on his speech and has recently increased his vocabulary between ten and fifteen words. Harry has really grown in his ability to use gestures and noises to communicate his needs and feelings. Parental rights have not been terminated for David, Morgan, and Harry. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Chyanna Sanchez, via telephone or email
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