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Isabella from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Isabella is a creative, generous, and affectionate young woman who loves all things arts and crafts as well as any creative outlet. She likes to create stories, write, and crochet and loves all kinds of music as long as she can understand the lyrics and sing along. She's a huge Disney fan and hopes to get to Disney World one day. She likes card games, board games, and anything she can do with other people. She's open to all kinds of adventures and is especially interested in trying new and different foods. She's also an animal lover and would like to be in a home with pets. She has experience with horses and has even participated in a rodeo show before! She also loves corny jokes. Isabella likes going to school and is doing well in her classes. She works hard and getting good grades is important to her. She tends to be very honest, and it's pretty easy to know what she's thinking and feeling. She's also self-aware of her strengths and challenges, which in itself is a huge strength. She's exploring several options regarding a future career. While she's always wanted to work in the medical field, she may also want to work with animals. She's also been creating cake designs recently and may pursue something in that area. In the nearer future, she really wants to get a job, so she can start getting job experience and earn her own money. Isabella really likes to be around people and needs a family who can spend time and attention on her. Those who know her best feel that Isabella would do best in a home with a single mother or two mothers as the youngest or only child. She has occasional phone calls with her biological mother, half-brother, and a friend from a previous school and she would like to remain in touch with all of them. It's important to know that she really wants to live with a family and find her forever home. Could you be that family? Isabella is legally free for adoption. For more information about this charming young woman, please have your family worker reach out to her recruiter, Katie, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.