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James from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

James loves being outside, whether it is riding bikes, swimming in the pool or going hiking. He has a vivid imagination that will take him anywhere. James is described by others as outgoing, funny, and sweet. He enjoys cooking, riding horses, and the color red. James says he is not a picky eater and he loves going out to eat at restaurants. James is very smart and likes going to school. His favorite subjects are reading and spelling. James enjoys writing poetry and being creative through writing. It is important to James to be able to help others who are in a similar situation as he, so he would like to pursue a career as a social worker. James is looking for an active family who celebrates holidays and can give him individual attention. He is seeking a family with an open mind, a love of the outdoors, and who will give him unconditional love. He would like a family who will accept him for who he is and will challenge him and encourage him each day to be the best he can be. James loves animals and wouldn't mind having pets in his forever home. James sees time together as important and would love to have family dinners and be able to talk about their day. He describes family as love, inspiration, hope, and good communication. James would like to be the only child in the home. Although he does not have communication with his siblings right now, it may be explored in the future. James would like a family who will be open to these connections. James is legally free for adoption.