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James from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

?Hi I'm James! I'm really adventurous! I love the outdoors, and doing things like navigating rope courses that are high off the ground. Dirt biking on jumps is fun too! Hunting with a gun or a crossbow is awesome. I have a scope on my own crossbow! Plus, I build things like model cars out of metal and carbon fiber. I sometimes think about racing them! I have a good time with video games that have racing in them. I'm a decent player and I'd challenge you to a race. Let's see who wins! In school, gym and math are okay subjects for me, but science is not the easiest thing to study. I'm into soccer, football, and basketball. I'll get together with a group of neighborhood kids for a game ANYTIME! When people describe me, they say I'm friendly, helpful, and funny. I think I'm just happy and comfortable. It'd be great if I could find a forever family to live with; group-home living is NOT for me! I'd like doing things with a family, like going for cookie dough ice cream (MMmm), or going to watch the local high school team play football, or grilling some burgers in the backyard!! That all sounds like a good time to me! Right??? James would like an active forever family with two parents. The parents would be involved with James and provide him with structure tempered with patience. Siblings in the home would be his age or older. James is not legally free for adoption. To learn more about him, please have your family worker contact his recruiter, Shari Menichello, via telephone or email
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