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Javana from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Javana is a sweet and gentle youth who can be reserved but loves her toys, specifically her stuffed animals and her ribbons. She loves to swing and twirl them around and is typically drawn to colorful ribbons. She is a kind girl who loves company, specifically visitors. Javana is looking for a permanent connection who can video call with her during the pandemic restrictions but eventually visit in person. The ideal resource would be someone who would take the time to sit with her and read picture books or help her with her weekly crafts. Javana loves being creative and going outside! She enjoys the sun on her face and has been described as having a sunny personality. Speaking of which, her bright smile lights up any room! Javana's eyes are expressive and she is able to communicate her needs. Javana thrives off attention and can sometimes get jealous when the attention isn't on her, but she can adjust and share the spotlight. Parental rights have been terminated for Javana. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have family worker contact the recruiter, Angela Norrman, via telephone or email
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