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Jazmin from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

?My name is Jazmin. I am a strong person and I want to write my own destiny. I want to change the world and show people that it is okay to write their own destiny, too. Life is like a rose and every rose has its thorn. So, every life has its difficulties, but we all have moments in life where you can smile too. I stand up for what I believe in. I know I can prove to the world that I'm ready to take on whatever it gives me and I'm choosing not to give up on myself. I'm contemplating this to help me move on with my life and to help me feel better about myself. To help me gain more confidence, I want to share my story with all the other people out there who have the same feelings I do. I want to let others know that they are not alone and that there are others who feel the same way.? Jazmin enjoys spending time outdoors where she can take long walks and study critters and bugs in their natural habitat. She also likes reading in her spare time. Jazmin is an incredible and likeable young lady. Jazmin is a very talented artist. She is a creative person who thinks outside the box and is skilled at articulating her feelings via poems and other writings. Jazmin also enjoys playing the saxophone. She likes a lot of different music and enjoys spending time doing typical, everyday family activities, something she is eager to do with a permanent family of her own. Jazmin is legally free for adoption.