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Jeffrey from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Enjoy the great outdoors with Jeffrey! Jeffrey is an easy going and relatively quiet teenager, but he comes alive and gets a sparkle in his eye when he talks about his love of the outdoors. He says, ?I love being outside, and want a family who will hike, camp, and go fishing - an active family would be great.? Even though Jeffrey enjoys these outdoor activities, he does not get to participate in these activities as much as he would like and he is in need of a forever family who has their hiking shoes ready and will change that for him! Jeffrey also has a passion for drawing anime and comic book art and he is very talented. He would like to take classes to learn various techniques and the correct tools to use. Jeffrey is very family oriented and has fond memories of making and eating Spanish food. He enjoys cooking and would like to teach his new family how to make a few of his favorite Spanish dishes. Above all, Jeffrey would enjoy sitting down as a family and eating meals together. He also understands that he is getting older and needs a family who will help guide him into adulthood. Jeffrey does well in school but he states, ?I like school and do well, but I admit I'm clueless about life beyond high school. A family can help me make the right decisions. But, I also want them to support me and understand my choices too.? He is looking forward to learning how to drive and would like to share this bonding experience with his forever family. Jeffrey says he is open to any type of family but he has a few desires he wants to make known. He would like either to be an only child or have siblings who are similar in age to him, so they can play football and video games together of course! Jeffrey is an animal lover, so a family with pets, especially a dog, appeals to him. And of course, this outdoorsman would prefer to live in the country or a small town! Jeffrey is personable and has connections with relatives and previous foster families who are supportive resources for him and these relationships should be maintained as Jeffrey gets older. Jeffrey is legally free for adoption.